Vote for change!

Houses in Mile End
I 'm standing as your Conservative candidate in Mile End for on 3rd May because there are two things I’d really like to put right:

  1. Mile End is vulnerable to bad Town Hall decisions because all our councillors belong to the Council’s main ruling party. If we still have a Lib-Dem led council after the election, we will need a strong voice to speak up on important issues affecting Mile End.
  2. We need a third councillor who will represent us in all full council meetings. I am standing against a councillor who has failed to attend 4 of the 9 full council meetings held since last March. We deserve better.

There’s also a third thing I’d like to change, and I don’t think I’m alone.

  1. I’m fed up of childish local politics. I’m fed up of scaremongering leaflets that say ‘The Tories will do this’, ‘The Lib Dems will do that’, ‘Labour will do the other’. I’m bored of point-scoring letters in The Gazette. I am NOT a career politician. I do NOT want to be an MP. And I DO believe Mile End deserves better.

But where do I stand on the issues that concern us all in Mile End? Here’s a quick summary (click the links to go to the topic that interests you), but please do contact me if you’d like to ask what my views are on other issues.


I fully oppose the way Mile End is being over-developed, too quickly, to too low a standard and without proper regard for transport, schools, communities and infrastructure.

We need to attract hard-working people and their families to Colchester, but we shouldn’t be cramming them into badly-planned developments that are going to cause major problems for other Mile End and Colchester residents.

I will oppose all inappropriate development in Mile End and speak out to ensure that the development we do have to face is of as high a quality as possible and of as little negative impact as possible. I have lived in inner-city London and seen how over-development can blight people’s quality of life — I don’t want to see the same thing happening in Mile End.

Our local environment

I applaud the way Mile End’s current Lib Dem councillors have taken the lead against graffiti and litter. I pledge to help residents in the same way — I’ve even got paid experience as a road sweeper and have been trained to remove graffiti!

However, as a Conservative I also believe that we need to work harder to stop littering and graffiti in the first place. I support the ‘broken windows theory’ that minor crimes make people feel unsafe and can lead to more serious crimes. David Cameron has a good way of putting it: “If you leave the bus shelter with graffiti all over it, it gets trashed even further.”

That’s why I want to help residents make it easier to report crimes and antisocial behaviour, and to ensure that they are informed of what action is taken. The only long-term way of stopping Mile End being littered or covered in graffiti is to ensure that those responsible are caught and punished.

Public transport

When I settled in Colchester in 2009, I didn’t drive. It was easier to use public transport to take my children to London Zoo than it was to take them to Colchester Zoo. That is just wrong.

Yes, that’s right. We had no car and one double pushchair — the sort with one seat behind the other. It was too big to get on buses to Colchester Zoo, but we had no problem getting it on a train to London and then on buses to Hyde Park.

The best way of encouraging people on to public transport is to offer transport that meets their needs. In Mile End, that doesn’t happen — particularly for older people and families. I aim to speak out in Council and ensure that families from every area of Colchester can access important educational attractions like Colchester Zoo.

(As a regular user of trains from the North Station to London, I am appalled by the cost of tickets and the quality of service. I have lost days of my life being stuck on Colchester-London trains. I’m happy to voice people’s complaints, but let’s be honest — there’s only so much a local councillor can do to change an entire rail franchise).

Green Spaces

When we lived in London, we had no garden. Before we had children, green spaces were important. After we had children they became our lifeline.

I believe green spaces are essential to towns and cities, and especially for families. I will fight hard to preserve and improve our green spaces for all residents.


I am proud to send my eldest son to a good, local primary school and I am looking forward to sending my youngest one there too. 

In time I want to send them to a good secondary school too. In Mile End we are going to need extra, excellent secondary school places very soon.

I will work hard to keep school places on the agenda in Mile End, and I will also support and help parents who wish to explore the idea of setting up Free Schools. I believe this initiative puts power back in the hands of communities, and can help parents create wonderful new opportunities for their children’s education.